Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time for celebration!

Today I´m celebrating TEN THOUSAND (10 000) visitors here on the 
T A T L E R Scottie Blog! Thank you all for visiting and showing an interest in all my rantings and ravings. I must admit that I feel quite proud of this milestone achievement, because people obviously wouldn´t keep returning if I never provided something interesting to read or look at. I hope you all keep returning to T A T L E R in the future!

Through site ratings I can see that most T A T L E R readers are Norwegian - but also Swedes, Americans, Germans, Britons and Scottie fanciers from all corners of the globe visit the T A T L E R Blog weekly.

I´m celebrating ten years with the breed too! Time flies. It seems that it was only yesterday I picked up my lovely boy Hudson (CH. DUNDEE Dark Forest) at Christina Hüttner´s Kennel in Borås. 

I was clueless back then! I just liked the breed and I loved the look of them - and actually had my heart set on a "nice black one" - which Christina so kindly provided. I have had loads of fun with him and all the other three of my Scotties, bought later. Thank you, Christina.

On account of the Scottie I have made many new, dear friends which I know will be life long. I´ve also made many, many interesting aquantances throughout these ten years. Thank you all for much encouragment, guidance, practical help and lots of laughs!

For the ten years to come I wish that more people will take notice of the Scottie; that puppy registrations will rise; that members in all the national breed clubs join forces - without any negative sqabbling; more positivity in general; more breadth the the Scottie gene pool, and a solid scientific focus on fertility issues and whelping problems. 

May the Scottie prosper everywhere! The breed will stagnate without new, young, positive, dedicated Scottie-people. Stick your neck out too, where ever you are! RULE!


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