Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ralph Lauren´s new fall (autumn) collection

Spot the Scotties?

Go to where you can see Ralph Lauren´s Fall 2011 Inspiration Book. 

Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Rueben Lipschitz in the Bronx, New York, to Jewish immigrants, from Pinsk, Belarus. He did not attend fashion school, but worked for Brooks Brothers as a salesman. In 1967, with the financial backing of Manhattan clothing manufacturer Norman Hilton, Lauren opened a necktie shop where he also sold ties of his own design, under the label "Polo." To-day his very American take on British country life has made him the 173rd richest person in the world in 2011, according to Forbes.

Ralph Lauren also has one of the world´s most eclectic private classic car collections, which I, as a car anorak, deeply appreciate!

Text: Wikipedia

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