Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Alfred, Lord Tennyson:

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

From Ulysses

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The boys are eight weeks old

It´s so hard work taking good photos of puppies!

Top photo: Brindle boy - Tatler Third Dimension
Bottom photo: Black boy - Tatler Third Degree

Sire: Sir Darnley´s Windsor Wizard
Dam: Tatler Tickled Pink

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hannah and Lisa visiting

My two nieces visited yesterday. The boys were 23 days old yesterday and are starting to make their presence being felt, and heard, in the whelping box. An enjoyable afternoon!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Kennel Tatler´s C-litter has arrived!

CAMERON AND CARSON, two of initially three boys (one boy sadly didn´t make it), were born on Saturday the 21.06.14. 

The litter´s sire is: J.CH Sir Darnley´s Windsor Wizard. The litter´s dam is: N SE CH Tatler Tickled Pink.

At a fortnight´s age both of the puppy-boys (one brindle and one black) are happy and thriving - something I am very grateful for!

For pedigree go to: http://tatler-scottie.blogspot.no/2014/06/tatler-c-litter-pedigree.html

Both of the boys are already spoken for.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sir Darnley´s Windsor Wizard wins second UK-CC!

Scroll for copy in English, please!

Maren Bichel-Schnock hadde en flott helg i England - både på Windsor Championship show og på Skotsk Terrier Club of England sitt Championship show, den 28.06.2014.

Far til mitt nye kull, Sir Darnley´s Windsor Wizard, vant certet, ble BIM fra Yearling Dog-klassen, på sistnevnte show. Dommer var rasespesialist Carol Annan (Lomondview). Det var total 76 skotter påmeldt. 

Dette er Windsor sin andre britiske cert-seier, og han er kun 22 måneder gammel.

Mange gratulasjoner til Maren!

Maren Bichel-Schnock had a great weekend in England both at the Windsor Championship Show and at the Scottish Terrier Club of England Championship Show on the 28.06.2014.

My new litter´s sire, Sir Darnley's Windsor Wizard, won the CC and went BOS, from Yearling Dog, at the latter show under breed specialist Carol Annan (Lomondview). The show had a total entry of 76. 
This is Windsor´s second UK-CC win at only 22 months of age.

Many congratulations!

Photo: Clair Chapman

Monday, June 30, 2014

Route to conception

As it turned out Agnes´ (Tatler Tickled Pink) season peaked during the school´s Easter break.

1417 miles of motorway through Denmark and Germany - in addition to crossing the Skagerrak strait, by ferry, which runs between the southeast coast of Norway to the northernmost tip of Denmark´s peninsula Juttland - we made it to our destination and back home again.

Sir Darnley´s Maren Bichel-Schnock welcomed us with open arms - and her lovely, much winning, brindle boy Sir Darnley´s Windsor Wizard seemed happy to see us too. Well, especially Agnes!

This was both Agnes´ and Windsor´s first time. Too risky for some probably, too many un-knowns, and too much traveling involved - but this doggie-business is a risky business. If you´re never prepared to take a (calculated) risk in life you never will get anywhere.

I´m so exited to see how this match turns out further down the line.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tatler C-litter pedigree

The Tatler C-litter was born on Saturday 21/06/2014.
Kennel Tatlers C-kull ble født lørdag 21/06/2014.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tatler Tweedbank at Feregait

John and Avril Herd´s Bridie-girl today at 20 months of age. A bonnie wee lass! (S N CH Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin ex. Pocket´s Rocket).

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Windsor - Best in Show!

Ved den internasjonelle utstillingen i Lommel, Belgia, søndag den 08.06.2014, vant Sir Darnley´s Windsor Wizard (Runehojs Galdur Ruben ex. Ch. Sir Darnley´s Rambling Ruby) Best in Show av 1165 påmeldte hunder.

Dette bildet viser rasedommer Isvan Csík og BIS-dommer Ronnie Doedijns. Gruppedommer var August de Wilde.

Gratulerer til oppdretter Maren Bichel-Schnock! 

At the CAC-Show in Lommel, Belgium, on Sunday the 08.06.2014, Sir Darnley's Windsor Wizard (Runehojs Galdur Ruben ex. Ch. Sir Darnley's Rambling Ruby) went Best in Show of 1165 dogs entered.

This picture shows breed judge Isvan Csik and BIS judge Ronnie Doedijns. Group judge was August de Wilde.

Congratulations to breeder Maren Bichel-Schnock!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Tatler Teacher´s Pet

Sid (Born 08/10/11 - Ch. Dundee Royal Excellens ex. Pocket´s Rocket) was third best male at the Norwegian Scottie Special last Saturday. He is one ticket away from his Norwegian championship, and has two new chances this weekend. Sid is handled by his owner Kristin Meagher, from Stavanger, who never had been in a show ring before she got this handsome guy. Marvellous, I´m so proud of you guys! Go - go - go!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tatler Turnberry´s critique

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Here is Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki´s (Kennel Perhaps, Finland) critique of Berry, at the Norwegian Scottie Special last Saturday where she was BIS-Intermediate and BB2 - in English and Norwegian: 

A delightful little bitch with excellent proportions. Deep, compact body with a deep and well-shaped brisket. Good bone. Beautiful topline. Excellent hind quarters. Correct tail-set. Nice head - a bit round in skull. Great mover, with wonderful posture. I´d like to take her home with me!

En herlig liten tik med prima proporsjoner. Kompakt, djup kropp med djup välformad bröstkorg. Bra benstomme. Vakker topline. Utmerket bakstell, med korrekt ansatt svans. Trevligt huvud – en tanke rund i skallen. Rör sig flott med herlig resning. Henne skulle jag vilja ta med hem!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sir Darnley's Windsor Wizard wins UK-CC!

The beautiful sire of my future litter (For more info: http://tatler-scottie.blogspot.no/2014/05/t-t-l-e-r-tickled-pink-is-in-whelp.html) J. Ch. Sir Darnley's Windsor Wizard won his first UK-CC at Bath Championship Show on Friday 23.05.2014. He finished as Best Dog/BOS.

There were 38 Scotties entered. The show was judged by Mrs. L. A. Crawley.
Windsor is the 3rd German-bred Scottie who has won a CC in the home-country of our lovely breed! The first two were also Sir Darnley-Scotties, bred by my friend Maren Bichel-Schnock. Congratulations!

Den vakre faren til mitt fremtidige kull (For mer info: http://tatler-scottie.blogspot.no/2014/05/ttler-tickled-pink-is-in-whelp.html) J. Ch. Sir Darnley´s Windsor Wizard vant sin første britiske cert ved Bath Championship Show fredag ​​23.05.2014. Han ble BIM på utstillingen. 
Det var i alt 38 påmeldte skotter. Mrs. L. A. Crawley, dømte utstillingen.
Windsor er den tredje tyskavlede skotten noensinne som har vunnet et cert i hjemlandet til vår herlige rase! De to første vinnerene var også Sir Darnley-skotter, oppdrettet av min venn Maren Bichel-Schnock. Gratulerer!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Berry BIS Intermediate

My 18-month-old girl, Tatler Turnberry, (Ch. Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin ex. Pocket´s Rocket) won BIS-Intermediate at the Norwegian Scottie Special today, and finished as BB2, under breed specialist Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, Finland (Kennel Perhaps). 25 entries. Feeling very happy!

Hamish and Sid at Norwegian Scottie Special

Second and third best dog under Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki (Kennel Perhaps) today at the Mule Varde/Norwegian Scottie Special: Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin (Ch. Dundee So Classic ex. Ch. Sir Darnley´s Rambling Ruby) and Tatler Teacher´s Pet (Ch. Dundee Royal Excellens ex. Pocket´s Rocket). The latter is owned and handled by new-to-breed Kristin Hansen-Meagher Huge congrats to Kristin and Sid!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Agnes is in whelp / Agnes er drektig

Happy to share the news that my young girl N SE CH TATLER Tickled Pink is in whelp. The litter, which is due before midsummer, is sired by the lovely SIR DARNLEY´S Windsor Wizard. This young German-bred boy (by Maren Bichel-Schnock) has already won no less than 15 BOBs at the age of 20 months, and also multiple group-placements and wins. Fingers crossed for a successful delievery and for strong, healthy puppies.
See photos below!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bonnie BOB - Hamish BOS

March 15/2014: DUNDEE So Explosive (Ch. So What Excalibur ex. Ch. Dundee Masquerade Flirt) went BOB, and my own SIR DARNLEY´S Undercover Urchin (Ch. Dundee So Classic ex. Ch. Sir Darnley´s Rambling Ruby) went BOS, under breed specialist Cindy Pettersson at the Norwegian Terrier Club show in Kristiansand today. And for a change there actually were more than a couple of Scotties in the ring - an entry of 10 isn´t bad at all! Congratulations to owner Gerd Elin Bøe, breeder Christina Hüttner, and to 'Bonnie' who I've groomed since 'day one'!

Best terrier/group win at national show in January

January 19/2014: At a national show today in Norway, on her very first weekend out, from Junior Class, my 15-month-old TATLER TURNBERRY (SE N CH Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin x Pocket´s Rocket) went BOB, won her first CAC, and finished as BIG1 on the day. 
Berry´s father, Hamish, went BOS, I might add.
Francesco Cochetti judged the breed, and Ligita Zake, the group.
I´m delighted and thankful!

Trimmekurs 2014 / Grooming class 2014

Du verden så mange dyktige deltakere vi hadde på årets skottetrimmekurs sist helg! Jeg har lyst til å trekke fram mor-og-datter teamet Unni M. Hanesand og Lene C. Ugland fra Haugesund. Disse jentene har aldri eid en trimmerase før, begge deres skottegutter er bare tre år gamle, de var på skottetrimmekurs for første gang i fjor, siden har de gjort eksakt hva instruktøren har sagt - og har følgelig endt opp med to skotter i utstillingskondisjon! Talentfulle damer, sant? Nå håper jeg de snart kan ta imot trimmekunder - det er noe vi virkelig trenger på vestlandet! (Ja, landet rundt, når jeg tenker meg om). 

Just returned from the club´s yearly Scottie grooming-class: My goodness how many talented participants we had! I would like to highlight the mother-and-daughter team Unni M. Hanesand and Lene C. Ugland, from Haugesund. These girls have never owned trimming-breed before, and both of their Scottie-boys are only three years old. They attended their very first Scottie grooming-class last year and have since then followed the instructor´s (myself!) instructions precisely! Talented ladies, aren´t they? Now I hope they will start to accept their own grooming clients - we really need groomers on the west coast of Norway! (Well, in the entire country, come to think of it).

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

N SE CH TATLER Tickled Pink

My home-bred girl "Agnes"; Norwegian and Swedish champion TATLER Tickled Pink, born 08.10.11, Ch. Dundee Royal Excellens (Top Scottie Sweden 2012) ex Pocket´s Rocket, in the garden today :-)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

TATLER Turnberry

TATLER Turnberry, born 22.10.12, (SE+N UCH Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin x Pocket´s Rocket) is ready for her very first shows next weekend - at 14 + months old! It´s going to be a very exciting weekend! "Berry" is a litter sister of John and Avril Herd´s girl "Bridie" Tatler Tweedbank at Feregait.