Monday, April 29, 2013

Handling course

At a handling course this weekend, led by Caroline E. Mauseth, here with Hamish in the photo - but Agnes and Berry were there too!

På ringtreningskurs denne helgen, ledet av Caroline E. Mauseth. På bildet ser dere Hamish, men Agnes og Berry var også med!

Photo: Hege Lia

Grooming course

Instructing at a grooming course for beginners last weekend.

Akkurat starta med instrueringa på trimmekurs for nybegynnere sist helg.

Photo: Liv Scheflo

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I little wet from the snow

It´s been a while since I posted some photos of Hamish - Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin. 

He turned two on the last day of January and won his Norwegian championship title in Febuary. 

Here he is after a run in the wet garden this afternoon. Yes, we still have loads of snow everywhere even though it´s the 14th of April today. 

He didn´t want his photo taken at all, but despite Scottie-opinions - I tried my best!

Berry, almost six months old

My sweet little Tatler-girl, TURNBERRY, born 22.10.2012, (Ch. Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin x Pocket´s Rocket) on the table yesterday. 

For her pedigree go to: