Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kennel Tatler´s first home-bred champion!

TATLER TICKLED PINK has become my VERY FIRST HOME-BRED Norwegian champion  (and simultaneously she also now is a Swedish champion, as she won the Swedish CAC & CACIB on 09/06/13)  today at a national show, under judge Iuza Beradze, where she ended second in the bitch line-up. She is two years and four days old today, and I only have shown her three times (+ once in Sweden) out of junior class at official shows! 

TATLER TICKLED PINK er i dag blitt min ALLER FØRSTE EGEN-OPPDRETTEDE norske champion  (og er samtidig nå også dessuten svensk champion, da hun vant den svenske certet og CACIBet den 09/06/13)  på Norsk Doberman Klubs utstillinge i Letohallen, for dommer Iuza Beradze, og endte som BT2. Hun er to år og fire dager gammel i dag, og jeg har bare vist henne tre ganger (+ en gang i Sverige) som ‘voksen’ ved offisielle utstillinger!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

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BEST PUPPY - Tatler Tweedbank at Feregait

CONGRATULATIONS! Tatler Tweedbank at Feregait was best Scottie puppy, of five, at the Darlington Championship Show (UK) last Friday, 13.09.2013. Well done John and Avril Herd!


An open bedroom door gives ample opportunity to give dad´s wardrobe a test drive for size and comfort. In total silence I might add - I couldn´t figure out where she´d gone. Agnes (Tatler Tickled Pink) certainly knows which side her bread is buttered on!

BOS Veteran, Hindås, Sweden

BOS and BIS-Veteran at Swedish Breed Club Show today 8/9-13: CH Dundee Obedient Waggler and CH Dundee Masquerade Flirt.
Judge: Gerda van Stuivenberg

Sir Darnley's Undercover Urchin

N+S CH Sir Darnley's Undercover Urchin was third best male today under Gerda van Stuivenberg at the Swedish Breed Club Show, 8/9-2013.

Tataler Tickled Pink - 2 x BOB

14 & 15-09-2013:
TATLER TICKLED PINK was 2 x BOB with 2 x CAC today (Norwegian Kennel Club/Rogaland, under Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen - she also got her second CACIB as well today) and yesterday (Norwegian Terrier Club/Rogaland, under Lars Adeheimer). Didn't wait for the groups - she can win them later :-)
The photo is from last weekend at Hindås, Sweden, where she was second in Qualification Class ll, under Gerda van Stuivenberg.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tatler Tweedbank at Feregait

A BIG THANK YOU to John & Avril Herd (Feregait) who had their (and my) wee girl "Bridie", Tatler Tweedbank at Feregait (N+S CH Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin x Pocket´s Rocket), out today. She was Second Puppy Bitch at the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show today in Edinburgh, August 25. 2013. In Avril´s own words I´m absolutely delighted!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Excerpts from four interviews

FOR THE LAST FOUR YEARS I´ve made interviews with four different Scottie breeders and personalities. (Cindy Cooke, Cindy Pettersson, Maren Bichel-Schnock, and Monika & Thomas Rosendal). The interviews have been published in the North Midlands Scottish Terrier Club´s journal - annually since 2010 in the UK. 
Here are a few excerpts, I hope you enjoy them. (The Rosendal-interview is not yet published). 

Cindy Cooke (Anstamm) 2010
Peter Hewitt: Registration numbers are on dramatic decline in most places of Europe. Is it the same in the US? Does this worry you?

Cindy Cooke: It worries me so much that I created a program called The Scottie Information Exchange to reach out to Scottie pet owners and encourage them to become breeders. In 1972, the American Kennel Club registered over 10,000 Scotties. Now, we rarely register 4,000 a year. It is a serious problem, and it is exacerbated by animal rights-inspired ideas about restricting breeding. The Scottish Terrier Club of America was formed for the specific purpose of PROMOTING the responsible breeding of Scottish Terriers and I don’t think we’ve done a very good job of that. Almost every American show breeder sells the majority of their puppies with contracts that require the new owner to spay/neuter the dog. I believe we should encourage our buyers to become interested in breeding Scotties. 

Peter: What do you think is the greatest challenge facing the Scottish terrier as a breed in the future? Are the challenges you have in America similar or different to Europe do you think? 

Cindy : We have two serious challenges in the U.S. First, Americans are so pressed for time in their lives that they tend to want “easy” dogs. By “easy,” I mean dogs like Golden Retrievers that don’t challenge their owners like Scotties do. Scotties require a different style of training, they require grooming and they require your attention. Americans barely have time to raise their children, and I worry that they will lose interest in a dog that makes demands on their time. Second, as our societies lose touch with their rural roots, lawmakers in many U.S. jurisdictions are defining dogs as “dangerous” if they are aggressive with other dogs, or even other pets, such as cats or rabbits. In Europe, I think the biggest threat will come from government interference with your breed standards and breeding practices. Governments are good at relatively uncomplicated tasks—building roads, policing, making war, etc. However, they are generally inept at complex jobs, like breeding good purebred dogs.

Cindy Pettersson (So What) 2011
Peter Hewitt: Puppy registrations are dramatically low in Sweden at the moment with under 50 registrations last year, what do you think is the reason for this? 

Cindy Pettersson: On the whole it has been difficult to sell Scottie puppies in Sweden. Swedish breeders are concerned about not being able to sell their litters. Unfortunately these concerns have kept the numbers down. 

Peter: Do you think this situation is hazardous for the breed? 

Cindy Pettersson: Yes, as in many other breeds we need new Scottie breeders and new enthusiasts.

Maren Bichel-Schnock (Sir Darnley´s) 2012
Peter Hewitt: Puppy registrations are on decline in most countries at the moment, what do you think is the reason for this, and what is the situation like in Germany?

Maren Bichel-Schnock: It is the same in Germany. For many years the registrations were around 280 and 300. Then the numbers have dropped constantly to 170 in 2011. What worries me is that we don’t really know why this is happening. I am not sure if this is a fertility problem or if people just breed less now. It would be a very good idea to discuss this on an international level as the situation seems to be similar in many countries.

Peter: Do you think this situation is hazardous for the breed?

Maren Bichel-Schnock: Of course, it could get dangerous for the breed if we can’t change this. We need to keep the gene pool as wide as possible.

Monika & Thomas Rosendal (Roskot´s) 2013 
Peter Hewitt: Puppy registrations are on decline in most countries at the moment, what do you think is the reason for this?

The Rosendals: This is very sad. We just don't know why the situation is like it is. We in our country need young devoted breeders who are consistent in what they are doing, not giving up too easily. We who have been in the breed for long must be better at pointing out the positive sides of our lovely breed. 

Peter: Do you think this situation is hazardous for the breed? 

The Rosendals: Of course it is! Will we still have Scotties in Sweden in 50 years time? 

Monday, August 19, 2013

MY SHORT STORY: How I got into Scotties...

Please scroll for copy in English!

Jeg hadde alltid likt utseende til skotten og da en av mine designervenner, Gun Vik, ( kjøpte sin første skotte spurte jeg om det var greit at jeg "hermet"!

Jeg hadde aldri vært i nærheten av en hundeutstilling da jeg kjøpte min første skotte (NORDCH NORDV-06 VWW-10 Dundee Dark Forest) av Christina Hüttner i 2001. Ikke hadde jeg noen gang trimmet hund heller. I starten trimmet jeg hos Grethe Gjerde i Tønsberg (noen som husker henne?) og fikk aller nådigst lov til å sitte pent å se på mens hun utførte jobben. Etterhvert - og etter minst ett trimmekurs for nybegynnere - hos Guri Aalerud på Nesbru, begynte jeg å trimme skotten min selv. Til å begynne med ble det ikke spesielt bra, men jeg hadde vel alltid "modellen" inne. Mer eller mindre. Noen ganger mindre. Christina Hüttner har i ettertid fortalt at hun ble regelrett sjokkert over hvordan jeg hadde klipt en stripe fra nesetipp til stopp på Hudsons hode en gang, men hun sa klokt nok ingenting da. Hun ville vel ikke at jeg skulle slutte å trimme og stille hunden...

Siden har jeg vel lært meg å trimme skotte ganske greit, selvfølgelig ikke helt uten god hjelp og støtte. Alle vet at man aldri blir ferdig utlært innenfor denne (umoderne?) kunstarten, så det er bare å holde på så godt man kan og aldri gi opp. Selv har jeg også (naturligvis) vært på kurs med Cindy Pettersson, og fått god hjelp, veiledning og privatundervisning av Christina, Gerd & Jarl Anthonisen og av Dan. Jeg er svært takknemlig for alt sammen!

Man må øve for å bli bedre i alle kunstarter. Man må også være interessert i å lære mer. Jeg kjøpte derfor etterhvert skotte nummer to, og ettersom skottefolk rundt meg (tydeligvis) synes jeg var blitt ganske okay på å trimme, så begynte mange å komme til meg med sine hunder. Den gang var jeg glad for all trening jeg kunne få. Nå trimmer jeg (noenganger altfor mange) både høy- og lavbente terriere av alle varianter i min fritid. Fra Lillesand i sør til hunder så langt nord som Sogn og Fjordane. Flere av hundene jeg trimmer har blir champions i de nordiske landene.

Jeg startet å stille Hudson som valp: Prøvde et par ganger mener jeg å huske. Han var jo en pen gutt som viste seg med attitude og drive i ringen fra dag en. Men han var tynn, og alle skottemennesker jeg traff fortalte med dette. Jeg mener alle. Marina Guidetti sa til meg på vei ut av ringen i Rosersberg (tror jeg). "He´s a very nice boy, but he´s much too thin"... Så jeg ventet, og håpet på at (og gjorde vel alt som stod i min makt) han ville spise mer og å legge på seg litt.

Hudson hadde likevel substans nok til å bli norsk utstillingschampion på tre utstillinger (det holdt med 1,5 år den gang). I 2006 (i sitt femte år) ble han BIR veldig mange ganger (må telle opp en gang jeg får tid) og plasserte seg da alltid terriergruppa, vant gruppa gjorde han en gang også. Han ble årets mestvinnende skotte det året.

Hudson er et klassisk eksempel på at det er selve hunden som gjør absolutt alt arbeidet i utstillingen og i bedømmelse av hunden. Mennesket i andre enden av snøret hadde overhodet ingen betydning. OK, jeg hadde trimmet ham selv, men handleren-jeg var et totalt ukjent ansikt i ringen.

Den gang var jeg nokså blåøyd når det gjelder hundesport. Jeg foretrekker nok hundene framfor sporten om jeg skal være helt ærlig. Men ingen hobbyer eller fritidsaktiviteter er perfekte, og mitt ukuelige irske blod bruser til duell i en eller annen ring - et etter annet sted nær deg - en eller annen gang i nær framtid! (Det være seg med en ny import, eller skotte av eget oppdrett)

Watch out!

Foto: Hudson (2001-2013) i hagen etter en utstilling i 2006.

THE SCOTTIE HAD ALWAYS caught my eye, and when one of my designer friends, Gun Vik, ( bought her first Scottie I asked her if it was okay if I "copied" her!

I had never been near a dog show when I bought my first Scottie (NORDCH NORDV-06 VWW-10 Dundee Dark Forest) from Christina Hüttner(Dundee) in 2001. I had never trimmed a terrier either. At first Grethe Gjerde in Tønsberg trimmed him (anyone remember her?). I was graciously allowed to sit quietly and observe her when she performed the job. Eventually - and after at least one training course for beginners, at Guri Aalerud´s at Nesbru, I began to trim Hudson myself. To begin with, I was not particularly good, but I had the outline or type down. More or less. Sometimes less. Christina Hüttner has since told me that she was downright shocked at how I had cut a strip from nose to stop on Hudson's head once, but she wisely enough said nothing then. She didn´t  want me to stop and trimming and showing her dog ...

Since I have learned how to trim Scotte pretty well, but not, of course, without the help and support of experts. Everyone knows that one is never fully taught in the (old fashioned?) art form of trimming. One just has to keep at it as best one can and never give up. I have also (naturally) attended one of Cindy Pettersson´s courses and received good help, tutoring and private lessons from Christina hüttner, Gerd & Jarl Anthonisen and Dan Ericsson. I am very grateful for everything of it!

You need to practice to get better in all art forms. One must also be hungry for more knowledge. I therefore bought Scottie number two, and as the Scottie-people around me (obviously) thought I was becoming quite okay at trimming, many people began to come to me with their dogs. At that time, I was happy with all the training I could get. Now I trim (sometimes too many) both tall- and short-legged terriers of all varieties in my spare time. People come from Lillesand in the south of Norway to as far north as Sogn og Fjordane to me with their terriers. Several dogs I have groomed have become champions in the Nordic countries.

I started to show Hudson as a puppy. He was a handsome boy who showed with attitude and drive in the ring from day one. But he was thin, and everyone I met told me this. I mean everyone. Marina Guidetti said to me on the way out of the ring at a club show in Rosersberg, Sweden (I think). "He's a very nice boy, but he's much too thin" ... So I waited and hoped that (and did everything in my power) he would eat more and gain weight a little.

Hudson still had enough substance to become Norwegian champion in three shows (1.5 years old was sufficient back then). In 2006 (in his fifth year) he was BOB very many times (have to count up once I get the time) and always placed in the terrier group, winning the group once. He was Top-Scottie that year in Norway.

Hudson is a classic example of the dog doing absolutely all the work in the ring, and in the judging of the dog. The human at the other end of the show-lead had absolutely no significance. OK, I had trimmed him himself, but the handler-I was a totally unknown face in the ring.

Back then I was pretty naive when it comes to the whole dog show business, or dog-sport, as it´s called it in Scandinavia. I prefer the dogs to the sport, to be honest. But no hobbies or recreational activities are perfect, and my Irish blood rushes to any challenge in any ring - somewhere near you - sometime in the near future! (Be it with a new import, or a home bred Scottie).

Watch out!

Photo: Hudson (2001-2013) in the garden after a show in 2006.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New book

I´d ordered John T. Marvin´s book The Book of All Terriers to read on my summer holiday. Typically it didn´t turn up until the holiday was long gone... And now editing the Swedish club magazine will be occupying much of my weekend, so book reading will have to be put on hold...

Birthday cards

My immediate family certainly know what I like! These three birthday cards are from my mother, my brother Erik, and my sister Ellen. The time and effort they put in to finding Scottie-stuff for me is genuinely appreciated!

Birthday gifts ll

My mother and brother Graham bought me these two Lucy Dawson prints as a birthday gift this year. The pictures are so charming, and I am so pleased!

Birthday gifts l

A few nice birthday gifts from my friend Gerd Elin Bøe: Two French (Cook Line, Paris) beakers (I already have a few egg cups in the same pattern, also those gifts from Gerd Elin), and two hand made ceramic mother-and-puppy figurines. Just lovely!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


The kennel building (a converted garage) and garden are now just about as I envisioned them when I bought this place in November 2010. Things are coming together nicely, and I´m quite happy with the result!

Kennelbygningen (den konverterte garasjen) og hagen er nå blitt omtrent som jeg hadde forestilt med dem da jeg kjøpte dette stedet i november 2010. Ting begynner å ta form, og jeg er ganske fornøyd med resultatet!

Click to enlarge photo!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Is this becoming our aesthetic ideal?

We´ve all been witness to ever-younger Scotties winning best of breed, groups and even winning places in BIS-finals of late. 

What´s happening? Is all the older, more mature, competition crap? Are Scotties in general maturing more quickly than before? Or has the aesthetic ideal amongst our judging corps shifted - away from the breed standard - to a new, fresh approach?

I´ll grant you that bitches often mature sooner than boys, but I think this new trend of putting up (barely more than) pre-teens everywhere is scary. I don´t like it at all and I doubt if it can be for the breed´s best.

What do you think?

Tatler Tickled Pink BOS in Vänersborg

My homebred girl Agnes (Tatler Tickled Pink), born 08/10/12, went BOS (with the Swedish CAC and her first CACIB) under Liselotte Johansson on Sunday 09/06/2013 at Norra Älvborg International Kennel Club show. Very happy!

New Swedish champion

New Swedish championship to N UCH Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin at Norra Älvsborg International Kennel Club show at Vänersborg, Sunday 09/06/2013, under Liselotte Johansson.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I´m back - with a bang!

Busy weeks at work, finishing editing the Swedish club magazine, and preparing for our yearly Open Show have led to no Blog-posts at all of late. Huge apologies to my regular followers!

On Sunday I was at Norra Älvsborg Kennel Club´s International Show in Vänersborg in Sweden. 

Hamish (N UCH Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin) was second best dog, from Open Class, won the Swedish ticket - and became Swedish Champion!

Agnes (Tatler Tickled Pink) was BOS from Intermetiate Class, and also won the Swedish ticket, and her first CACIB. (She has only been out twice since she was a puppy: She was second best bitch in Junior Class at Jönköping, Sweden, under John Herd - right behind Raglan Ready to Smile. And at last weekend´s Open Show here, where she was BIS-Intermediate and fourth best bitch - the only bitch in the line-up not out of Champion Class).

There were eight entries at Vänersborg on Sunday where Liselotte Johansson judged the Scotties. Raglan Rocket Science was BOB from Champion Class. Congratulations to him and his owner.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Unity BOB again!

Congrats to Maren on yet another BOB win with Hamish´s litter sister Sir Darnley´s Uncut Unity. Wonderful! 
This time at Dortmund in Germany on Sunday 12. May.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Look what I got!

Valpekjøperen min, Kristin Meagher, var her i dag til trim/finish av hennes skottegutt Sid. 
Hun hadde kjørt ens ærend, hele 394 km fra Stavanger!
Hvilken herlig overraskelse jeg fikk da hun hadde med seg denne fantastiske puten av en skotte - sydd i ekte Harris Tweed, fra de Ytre Hebridene!

My puppy buyer, Kristin Meagher, was here today for me to trim/finish her Scottie-boy Sid. 
She drove 244 miles (imperial) from Stavanger to get here! 
Imagine the lovely surprise I got when she brought this amazing cushion of a Scottie - made ​​from genuine Harris Tweed from the Outer Hebrides!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Handling course

At a handling course this weekend, led by Caroline E. Mauseth, here with Hamish in the photo - but Agnes and Berry were there too!

På ringtreningskurs denne helgen, ledet av Caroline E. Mauseth. På bildet ser dere Hamish, men Agnes og Berry var også med!

Photo: Hege Lia

Grooming course

Instructing at a grooming course for beginners last weekend.

Akkurat starta med instrueringa på trimmekurs for nybegynnere sist helg.

Photo: Liv Scheflo

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I little wet from the snow

It´s been a while since I posted some photos of Hamish - Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin. 

He turned two on the last day of January and won his Norwegian championship title in Febuary. 

Here he is after a run in the wet garden this afternoon. Yes, we still have loads of snow everywhere even though it´s the 14th of April today. 

He didn´t want his photo taken at all, but despite Scottie-opinions - I tried my best!

Berry, almost six months old

My sweet little Tatler-girl, TURNBERRY, born 22.10.2012, (Ch. Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin x Pocket´s Rocket) on the table yesterday. 

For her pedigree go to:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Six new finds in Sweden

I´m at my mother´s cottage in Sweden at the moment. Yesterday we went antiquing and I ended up with these six new "Scottie" finds. 
We always go to a barn sale called ‘Antikladan’ outside Lilla Edet (, where one can spend hours browsing (and buying)!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sad news today

I dag måtte jeg ta farvel med min kjære Hudson-gutt. Vil savne ham masse, men er takknemlig for all glede han har gitt.

Today I had to bid farewell to my beloved Hudson boy. Will miss him so much, but I am so grateful for all the joy he has given.

Monday, March 4, 2013

When in Rome

I was in Rome last week for a short break. The Italians are renowned for ‘La Dolce Vita’, for ‘La Bella Figura’ and for high-end luxury goods such as; Gucci, Armani, Valentino, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, Trussardi, Versace, Laura Biagiotti, Fendi, Moschino, Missoni and Bulgari.

Imagine my surprise when spotting a Scottie and his owner on their morning walk just 50 meters from the Pantheon. Now that´s what I call style :-)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bryony is in Scotland now!

TATLER TWEEDBANK: Min lovende Tatler-jente 'Bryony’ har forlatt Norge og kommet fram til sitt nye hjem i Skottland hos John og Avril Herd/Kennel Feregait. Jeg føler meg beæret og glad - og er utrolig takknemlig for min valps utmerkede nye hjem. Få oppdrettere noe sted kunne ønske seg et bedre et. Jeg håper naturligvis at hun vil gi John og Avril masse glede - både i og utenfor utstillingsringen i Storbritannia - i mange år framover.

TATLER TWEEDBANK: My promising Tatler-girl ‘Bryony’ has left Norway and arrived at her new home - of Feregait fame - in Scotland with John and Avril Herd. I am delighted, honoured and most thankful for her excellent new home. Few breeders anywhere could imagine a better one. Needless to say I hope she will bring John and Avril lots of joy, both in- and outside the showring in the UK, for many years to come. 

Top photo: From right, John Herd, Avril Herd and myself in Norway
Bottom photo: Tatler Tweedbank, exported from Norway to Scotland, 19.02.2013 

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Norwegian champion!

Min import "Hamish" - Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin, (Ch. Dundee So Classic x Ch. Sir Darnley´s Rambling Ruby) fikk cert og ble BIR i dag for Hans Grüttner (D) på Norsk Welsh Corgi Klubbs utstilling på Hellerudsletta i dag 09.02.12.
My import "Hamish" - Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin (Ch. Dundee So Classic x Ch. Sir Darnley´s Rambling Ruby) won the CAC, and was BOB under Hans Grüttner (D), at the Norwegian Welsh Corgi Club´s national show on Saturday 09.02.13.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Four of my five Scotties getting comfy in the sofa this morning. Hamish prefers the floor. From right: Hudson, Agnes, Travis and Lulu.

Friday, January 25, 2013

New find!

My brother Erik spotted this lush Scottie-piggy-bank in Oslo and bought it for me last week. Happy, happy!

It´s from KARE-Design:

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I´m back!

Sorry about the blog-break. I have puppies!

The three puppy girls I still have at home from the B-litter (1+4), outside together with all the adult Scotties. Bottom left: Tatler Tweedbank "Bryony" is a rush!