Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scottie-goodies from Nellie Taylor!

A few days ago I received a parcel full of Scottie-goodies from Nellie Taylor (Wildermist) in England. She has been busy rounding up all sorts of Scottie-memorabilia for me in the U.K. Most kind of her - and all "the proceeds" go to the North Midlands STC - even better!
Now, at last, I´ve got Ms. Betty Penn-Bull´s book "Scottish Terrier COATS". Also in the parcel were newspaper cuttings from the 1930s and 1940s, Scottie-chapters out of early 20th. century Terrier books, and a handful of authentic old ads depicting Scotties (what else?). Loads of great kit in other words - I´m so happy and grateful - thank you Nellie!


  1. Gaveåpning minutt for minutt......du er bare så in, Peter.

  2. Ja, det er ikke en ting sosiale medier ikke kan brukes til!