Sunday, May 29, 2011

My new German import, Hamish, BIS-puppy!

"Hamish" (Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin) was BIS-puppy yesterday under judge Cindy Pettersson at the Open Show at Mule Varde, Norway. Eight puppy entries. Many thanks to breeder Maren Bichel-Schnock (Sir Darnley´s).

Cindy Pettersson´s critique:
Excellent proportions. Excellent type. Well proportioned head. Good ears. Beautiful eyes. Promising bite. Excellent chest. Lovely substantial body. Excellent coat. Excellent movement. A classic and lovely compact puppy!

Photo: Berit Hotvedt Solvang


  1. Gratulerer så mye til verdens søteste valp og eieren :-)