Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dorothy Caspersz QUOTE

Her kommer et utdrag av boka til Dorothy Caspersz The Popular Scottish Terrier som godt beskriver kanskje det aller beste ved skotten – nemlig skottens helt særegne mentalitet.

This quote is from Caspersz´ book  The Popular Scottish Terrier in chapter four where she describes the breed standard, and more spesifically our breed´s quite unique mentality.

..."Though he may be faulty in many external details he will possess certain distinguishing characteristics common  to the whole of his species. He will be comparitively shortlegged little dog with a harsh coat. Erect ears, watchful eyes, and a head which looks big for his size, plus the mentality peculiar til his race. And this is the greatest thing about him, for his nature is as unique as his physical apperance. It is a nature that does not appeal to all and sundry. The Scot himself has no wish that it should. He does not curry favour, nor does he bestow his affections lightly, but once given his devotion is unswerving and lifelong"...

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