Monday, June 30, 2014

Route to conception

As it turned out Agnes´ (Tatler Tickled Pink) season peaked during the school´s Easter break.

1417 miles of motorway through Denmark and Germany - in addition to crossing the Skagerrak strait, by ferry, which runs between the southeast coast of Norway to the northernmost tip of Denmark´s peninsula Juttland - we made it to our destination and back home again.

Sir Darnley´s Maren Bichel-Schnock welcomed us with open arms - and her lovely, much winning, brindle boy Sir Darnley´s Windsor Wizard seemed happy to see us too. Well, especially Agnes!

This was both Agnes´ and Windsor´s first time. Too risky for some probably, too many un-knowns, and too much traveling involved - but this doggie-business is a risky business. If you´re never prepared to take a (calculated) risk in life you never will get anywhere.

I´m so exited to see how this match turns out further down the line.

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