Saturday, October 20, 2012

Guess how many

My girl Lulu, POCKET´S Rocket, (SUCH NUCH DKUCH NORDW-07 "Scottie of the Year and Terrier of the Year 2008", Sweden, DUNDEE Dark Wood x SUCH NUCH DUNDEE So Expolsive) is expecting a litter any day now.  
The litter´s sire is my young boy Hamish - SIR DARNLEY´S Undercover Urchin (DBSG DUNDEE So Classic x Multi Ch. SIR DARNLEY´S Rambling Ruby).  

How many puppies do you think there are? Fingers crossed all goes well. 

Click on photo to enlarge!


  1. What a jumble of puppies!! I think I can see 4 distinct spines in there - Best of luck to you and Lulu. I know what a stressful but wonderful time this is. I'm taking my Lilly for her xray today. Her first due date is Tuesday!!

  2. What a coincidence. My D-day is Tuesday as well. But she was well down in temperature this morning, and is now back to normal, so the next 12 hours will be exciting!

  3. I will say 5 , i think there is a little one hidden behind the four who are very visible ;)Well the next hours will tell us the reality.
    i hope everything is ok for Lulu and here we keep fingers and paws crossed for her . I sent you several litres of virtual coffee for your next nights and all my wishes .

  4. Yes, you´re right, Adeline! There were five. Lulu self whelped them on monday morning. One dog and four bitches. All black, except for one brindle bitch. Thanks for wishing us well and for all that coffee!