Monday, September 17, 2012

Dinner party pics

A few photos from the Swedish Scottie Club´s 40th Anniversary dinner party on Saturday 22.09.2012, from top:

Dan Ericsson (Raglan) and Avril Herd (Feregait)
Vivi-Ann Lövstedt (Lövi-Scot) 
Gerd Anthonisen (Black Horn) and Elisabeth Spång (Mårax) and her husband 
Guri Aalerud (Scanwayn) and Christina Hüttner (Dundee)
Gerd Elin Bøe (Pocket) and Roland Hüttner (Dundee)
Monica Rosendahl (Roskot) left 
Thomas Rosendahl (Roskot) left 
Jarl Anthonisen (Black Horn) left Bartos gentleman right
John Herd (Feregait) and Peter Healey

PS: Sorry about the photo quality, my single-lens reflex camera had run out of juice. These are taken on my iPhone

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