Saturday, April 9, 2011

If a Scottish Terrier were A CAR...

My brain is completely zapped after spending four days in Florence on a school excursion. To day´s blog is pure mental therapy, and in English only – as my last one was in Norwegian only.

In Florence I saw lots of great cars – I´ve always had a soft spot for Italian cars – and some time during the trip I remembered that in my previous work as an Art Director in an ad agency we sometimes tried to compare an actual living person to the product we were trying to market. Sometimes this helped us analyse the product identity more keenly.

Yes, you guessed it – even in this spectacular renaissance city – I started to think about Scotties. If a Scottish Terrier were a car, which car would represent the breed best?

Upon returning I haven’t quite managed to narrow it down to one specific car yet. But my favourite this minute is the car top left, a Rover 3500 Coupe. (This is the same type of car that HSH Princess Grace of Monaco crashed on September 13, 1982, while driving with her daughter Stéphanie to Monaco from their country home on the French side of the border. Princess Grace had suffered from a stroke, and died the following day).

Typical of all these cars (an American Hudson, a Panhard, a Mercedes Ponton, a Lancia Appia and a Tucker) are that they are saloons, they are vintage, they are solid looking and foursquare in appearance – but still very, very elegant vehicles.

Which current car, still in production, would represent the Scottie best do you think? Suggestions appreciated!

Foto: Montasje. Photo: Montage.

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