Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a CANNY scot

I ordboken står ordet "canny" beskrevet som:
; - frugal, prudent (esp. with money) 
[a canny Scot - one who has an aversion to separating money from his pocket] (As in: “He’s that canny he pays for his round with empty lemonade bottles“). 
Det er nok slike assosiasjoner den danske billig-matvarekjeden har gjort seg i valg av icon til  kjedens logo. En stilisert skotte. Vet ikke helt om man skal ta det som et kompliment eller ei...

In Scandinavia Netto is the financial term for the remaining amount of money (your pay check, for instance) after tax has been deducted. Suppose one should understand the name as if the Netto food grocers chain has stripped it´s prices to the bare minimal - which serves you as a costumer better. The firm´s logo icon is of a Scottie, I wonder why...